Tracks “minus” in learning to play the electric guitar


In learning to play the electric guitar, an important role is played by practicing the guitar part under the “minus”. It is the game under the minus that immerses the guitarist in the most combat situation.

However, do not forget about the different feelings of the game under plus and under minus. Often, students who have learned to play material under the plus, have difficulty playing under the minus. Don’t be surprised. Playing under the plus, the guitarist uses the “landmarks” of the original party, on whose “help” he counts. In the backing track, the only reference point is the drum part with the bass synchronized with it, and the guitarist is forced to focus only on it.

ACDC-Hells Bells

Green Day – American Idiot

Piazzolla – Libertango

Hillsong – You are my Lord

Stein – Symphony of Destruction